VINA & Co.
Hi, I'm Vina Jung, the designer of VINA&Co.
I decided to design this Hip-Up Leggings to make all women's body shapes more beautiful and give them confidence.

After giving birth to two children, I began to despair with a rapidly changed body shape and a drooping butt that was hard to recover as I grew older. I consoled myself, thinking that I could get it back if I exercise, but it was not easy for me to make time to workout while doing business and childcare at the same time.

As my confidence was getting lower and my self-esteem was getting weaker, I suddenly thought, "Why do we wanna push up our boobs? I should put the push-up function of wired bra into the normal leggings.” , and as a result, I could develop a real hip-lifting and body shaping leggings with my lingerie design skill.

After studying leggings for a long time, we could introduce perfect hip-up leggings and they were much loved by many women.

But we will be more perfect. We will listen to every single customer's oppinion and grow into a brand that understands and expresses women's bodies the best. And we will continue to work hard to be remembered as the hottest and hippest contemporary brand of the same age.

VINA&Co. is the confidence.
It is not just about appearance but also about inner confidence and motivation for continuous self-management.

from. Vina Jung
Years of Great Rears
Vina Jung, who majored in lingerie design at ESMOD PARIS, won first place in France at the Triumph Inspiration Awards, the world's largest lingerie contest, and began to gain media attention.

As a representative of France, she held a fashion show in Milan, Italy with top-ranked people from all over the world, and even had the honor of publishing on the September issue of VOGUE ITALIA.

Then, she got a Facebook message from Hollywood in the U.S.

Years of Great Rears
Johnny Wujek, the famous stylist of Katy Perry, personally asked for a costume design.
Through his connection, Vina had the opportunity to design Katy Perry and Amber Heard's costumes, and her costumes were broadcast worldwide on MTV.

Years of Great Rears
After coming back to Korea, Vina once again received media attention with the launch of the Korea’s first designer lingerie brand called VINAJ.

Beyond the limitations of underwear, which was considered as simply innerwear in Korea, Vina reinterprets lingerie as a fashion accessory with a young and contemporary design sense, and was loved by numerous Korean idol stars and celebrities.

Years of Great Rears
From Seoul Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week!
As the only lingerie designer brand in Korea, she participated in various fashion events and exhibitions. She also hosted a number of private fashion shows and parties, becoming as the hottest and hippest designer brand.

However, as soon as the corporation was established in 2016, conflicts with shareholders over the brand's orientation continued and eventually she resigned as CEO and Creative Director in 2018.

Years of Great Rears
While she was preparing another brand for a new leap, she thought ‘Why do we wanna push up our boobs? I should put the push-up function of wired bra into the normal leggings!’ ., and as a result, she could develop a real hip-lifting and body shaping leggings. with her lingerie design skill.
She then started to introduce a variety of athleisure look and styling around hip-up leggings.

In May, a concert-type fashion show. was presented with idol singers. such as Mamamoo, Momoland. and Kwak Dong-hyun, and the launching show of VINA&Co., Vina's second brand, was held successfully.

Years of Great Rears
Hip-up leggings, which started with just one black color and only one size, are loved by many Korean women with more than 200,000 sales, and Instagram's customer posts exceed 10,000 and once again created an Instagram craze with "hip-up leggings".

Years of Great Rears
By releasing various designs, colors, and wide sizes, Vina is determined to keep her position as the strongest in hip-up leggings.
Rather than rapidly growing through aggressive marketing, she wants to grow with people who like VINA&Co. products.

And even today, she constantly communicates with customers to get inspirations.


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