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We value our products and believe that every detail in the process is essential.
From the moment we start to design, we persevere in finding a way to turn it into something extraordinary for each product.

From inspiration to sketching, production, and the final product, we want to show you how VINA & Co has created.
We are excited to share the journey with you!

VINA & Co.
During spring/summer and fall/winter seasons, all of our designers analyze current fashion trends and add each one’s sensitivity to consider under the bikini look, sporty look, and lingerie look that gives inspiration.

Art, fashion, travel, and architecture.
Everything around us can be an inspiration while we find new things we can combine to the original design.

When the final look is ready, a specialized designer for an individual item makes it real.
VINA & Co.
After narrow things down, the fabric becomes the priority.
Designers play with them, experiment with them, and see what it looks like on the body.

When we discover a character of the fabric, there will be a new birth of art. Through this process,
the most comfortable and wearable design is guaranteed.

We aim for our authentic art pieces.
Each one is a unique piece from Vina&Co.
Until the decision of final design is made, we sketch and design by hand and transfer to a computer for a closer look.

And then, we send the art piece to the printer!
VINA & Co.
When starting a sketch, it is crucial to observe the inspiration, metrical, and trends that will enhance the product.
Sometimes fun things begin, or we get lost in the middle of the drawing while enjoying the music. Later through a few tweets and iterations, the finished design is passed on to the talented pattern maker team.

VINA & Co.
We inform our patternmakers about the details of the visual outcome, and they begin pattern cutting.
The final pattern will be calculated accurately and assure that corresponds to the sketches.

Our patternmakers always surprise us to make the conceptual design into reality even if it’s the most complicated one.
VINA & Co.
After the pattern cutting, we make the first toile.
Once the sample is finished,designers and models try it personally and see what needs to be adjusted.

Because intricate pieces combine the pattern in each design, the sample may proceed into a final stage immediately after the first fit review.
Still, sometimes, it may take weeks until we get the right one and repeat it countless times.

VINA & Co.
With the final collection, we then get on board with our fabulous photography team to complete our vision of the design. Sometimes, when we see our inspiration and design as an outcome after months, it feels surreal.

Of course, we have a clear image of a model from the beginning, because the model can be a muse.

However, every plan needs a contingency plan for unexpected circumstances, and it keeps our designer interested and passionate.
VINA & Co.
And now, on to the production.
The entire product from Vina&Co is manufactured from the factory in Korea.

Through our partnership with quality factories that have been manufacturing underwear for more than 20 years, we intend for the best quality for a customer to get what they want when they want.
VINA & Co.
Now we are all ready for the product to be right next to you.
When we receive your order, each product will be packed and shipped with love
Then we will see you wearing our design!


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